Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum balance I need to pay to avoid having my services shut off?

The full amount of the past due balance must be paid to avoid having services shut off.


I need a new water or wastewater connection, can you help me?

The customer service department will verify if there is existing service or if a brand new service must be installed. If it is an exisiting service the representative will help you determine what documents need to be provided to establish service with us. If a new service is required the representative will determine the cost and documents that will be required for the new service.


What is the process for connecting water or wastewater for a new commercial property?

The Association will need to review all commerical utility plans prior to the new commercial connection being established. 


Why does the landlord get monthly statements for his/her tenants?

We want to ensure that the landlord is aware of any outstanding charges being incurred by the tenant because the property owner is ultimately responsible for any unpaid balance. 


Why does my water look reddish brown or dirty?

Discolored water is due to naturally occurring minerals in our water supply.


What if my pressures are too high or too low?

The Association's system provides pressure between 20 and 120 psi (pounds per square inch). If the customer requires higher pressure than what is being delivered at the point of delivery (the meter), the customer can install a booster pump at the customers cost. If the pressure is higher than preferred, the customer can install a pressure reducing valve at the customers cost.


How does Dona Ana Water calculate sewer rates?

The unit volume for the purpose of measurement per separate meter dwelling unit shall be per gallon. Volume shall be based on 90% of the average of water consumed in December, January, and February billing cycles. If the user history at their active service site is not available, then the residential class water average will be used in the calculation. This volume will be calculated annually and billed monthly as of the billing month of April of eachyear.