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Utility Worker or Certified Water/Wastewater Operator

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Full Job Discription


Performs general upkeep and cleaning of facilities, locations and sites; collects and removes trash and debris to ensure neat and clean assigned areas.

Uses various tools and small equipment to maintain facilities, remove weeds, mow grass and landscape and maintain grounds.

Performs general maintenance of facilities to include sand blasting, painting, and pouring concrete slabs.

Performs accurate water meters readings using a portable computer; reviews route reports to detect errors, high or low usages, or skipped reads due to access.

Provides notification of damaged or missing meter lids, hazardous or out-of-tolerance conditions for water, electric, and gas systems, and reports code violations to ensure appropriate levels support, safety and compliance.

Cleans debris and dirt out of water meter boxes; removes growth that obstructs meters to maintain function and accessibility.

Participates in the repair and maintenance of all plant equipment, including pumps, motors, sludge centrifuge, valves, piping, Genset, blowers, compressors and related equipment using standard and specialized hand tools.

Performs routine maintenance such as lubricating bearings; replacing seals, gaskets, springs, and gears; Checks and calibrates plant flow meters to ensure accuracy of measurements.

Performs minor maintenance on plant buildings; Assists plant staff in housekeeping and grounds keeping of the plant facilities and odor control site.

Inspects vehicles for damage or potential problems (inspects belts, hoses and tires and replaces as necessary); Lubricates vehicles; checks and maintains fluids; performs oil changes; Maintains tools and equipment; Cleans vehicles and equipment.

Other related duties as assigned

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